James Gibbard is a QA Achitect at Sophos. His focus is around improving software QA processes, Testing and Automation Systems.

James has presented his paper 'The Toolbox Testing Approach' at the 2015 Pacific North-West Software Quality Conference in Portland, OR. 

He writes about coding, testing & photography topics at his Blog, writes in 140 characters at Twitter, posts photos to Flickr, commits code changes to Bitbucket and Github, checks-in to amazing places on Foursquare, and connects with like minded work colleges on Linkedin.

James actively works on a small project called Active Traffic Alerts. It's provides a free UK traffic incident notifications to its many users and their mobile devices.

Other projects include the Send To 2Do AppleScripts (EvernoteTo2DoOutlookTo2Do and MailTo2Do), and a Jenkins plugin for Pushover Notifications.